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This year I'm on a make our home and lifestyle a little bit more eco friendly. I'm starting small by taking a look at the products we use, the things we buy, and the things we throw away. I'm looking at what small changes we can make to create a healthier, slightly more chemical free life, that I hope will also save us some money and encourage us to consume less. Living in the French countryside surrounded by beautiful green surroundings, farm animals, and unpolluted air does make me stop and think. I'm slowly realising that I want less "stuff" in my home, and the "stuff" that I do have I want to know where it has come from and how it has been made. Inspired by people such as Bea Johnson and her 'Zero Waste Home' I'm realising I can let go of things that I've been holding onto for a while. Rather than spend money on new things I'm discovering if I can make replacements for myself, it's not only more satisfying, but it hopefully works out a little bit cheaper.

So here you'll find quick links to all my attempts at living a greener life. If you've got any tips to help me on my way do take the time to stop and share!

Cocoa Butter Bars & Beeswax Wraps - let's just say the cocoa bars were far more successful that the beeswax wraps! Perfect for dry skin and easy to make.

 The Raw Soap Company - we've ditched the shower gels and have gone back to good old fashioned soap. It's kind to our dry skin and supports a small but growing business that uses natural and local sourced ingredients.

Jasmine Tea Lip Balm - so easy to make and can't wait to start giving them as gifts!

Citronella Candles - finding natural ways to prevent mosquito bites with homemade citronella candles and an organic spray from the local health food shop

Natural Deodorant - our favourite homemade deodorant recipe using natural ingredients 
Homemade Playdough - a simple way to keep kids entertained and can be coloured with natural colouring


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