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Have you ever felt the softness of alpaca wool? As we browsed the boutique at DuPrem Alpaca Farm we were encouraged to touch, stroke, and press against our cheeks the products on sale so we could feel for ourselves. It's gorgeous! Nestled in the heart of the Averyon countryside the Alpaca Boys have set up a farm and offer tours (5€ per adult) for people to meet and learn all about alpacas.

Alpacas are funny creatures. When we saw them at DuPrem their heavy coats had been sheared off and we were amused with their tufts of head hair that keep them shaded from the glare of the summer sun. The babies had been born and were penned in with their mothers, and the males (the studs) were casually grazing under the trees. Daimen, who gave us the tour, gave us an informative talk about their farm. Happy to answer all our questions we learnt about the animals, how they were mated to try and create the greatest gene pool that resulted in the best wool, how long the females were in gestation (11 months), the amount of wool they produce and how it's graded (by touch), what they eat, and the crazy prices that some alpacas around the world have sold for.

The Alpaca Boys not only produce products made with alpaca wool to buy, they also sell alpacas! Whether it's to help people set up their own farm or just for pets, they are there to help with all your alpaca needs. What do you think...should we add alpacas to our list of animals at Wild Oak Wood? I think it would be a good idea to keep them with the chickens, they might help ward off predators!

If you book onto Ania Grzeszek's Natural Dyeing retreat this August we'll be visiting the DuPrem Alpaca Farm so you'll be able to meet them for yourselves! Full details are on our website Wild Oak Wood. Places are limited so get in touch if you're interested.

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