Hello September

Hello September! As usual we welcome you with open arms. The boys were so excited for their first day back at school they couldn't sleep the night before...you would have thought it was Christmas Eve! The days are cooling down, the cyclamen are starting to raise their heads (a sure sign that September is here) and this week has been all about finding our new rhythm.

I'm realising it's pretty much impossible to get anything done with a 3 month old around. I've dramatically reduced my daily to do list and if I achieve just one thing a day I'm taking that as an achievement. We've been spending a lot of time in the kitchen. The sloes are soaking in gin, the tomatoes have been whizzed into Andrew's hot pepper sauce, and the giant courgettes have been blitzed and frozen as soup. We've been picking figs for jam and I'm experimenting with beet kvass with a recipe from this book.

Our evenings are spent reading Harry Potter. We started (and finished) the first book over the summer and the boys are well and truly hooked. I haven't allowed them to watch the films until we read the book but I wanted to wait until they were old enough to enjoy the story and have the staying power to last the length of the books. We watched the first film last weekend and have swiftly started book two.

We have some exciting things on the horizon. I'm about to get busy with my sewing machine and the crochet hooks have been out making products for upcoming Christmas markets. We will also be launching some very exciting Wild Oak Wood news before the end of the year so make sure you're signed up to our mailing list to be the first to receive the news!

How's your September shaping up?

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