Summer Heatwave Activities

I learnt a new French word this recently...canicule. It means heatwave, which is what we've been experiencing for what feels like forever. The grass is parched, the flowers are dead, the veg patch is suffering, and we're constantly covered in a layer of sticky sweat that is attracting all the biting flies. It might as well be raining everyday as it's too hot to play outside. So the boys have been amusing themselves in the cool inside, mainly with Lego and episodes of Ninjago, but every so often I manage to steer them away and distract them with another activity.

Throughout the school year Jacob got into comic books so I bought the boys these blank comic book pages to have a go at creating their own. They've really enjoyed these and I like seeing them being imaginative (which they're very good at thanks to Lego) coming up with lots of mini story lines. At the moment they're working in pencil but I'm really hoping they're going to colour it all in because I think it will turn them into wonderful books.

I also got them these 10 minute maths books. They come with a timer and the idea is that you try and do a page a day within 10 minutes. Well they haven't done a page a day and they're a bit intimidated by the timer so haven't used it yet. But when they're in the mood they're happy to sit and work through a few pages. I initially got Reuben the 9-11 year book (he'll be 10 in August) but he found it a little tricky so we're starting with the 7-9 book. I'm realising that although he's good at maths I'm not up to date with what he's been learning here in his French school. Also he's using very different techniques to what we used (all those years ago!) so I'm going to have to relearn methods all over again if I'm going to be able to help him.

How are you keeping kids entertained this summer?

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