Laying Down Roots

When we bought our house we knew that this was it for us. I wont come out and say that it's our forever home because who knows what the future holds, but for now at least it's where we have decided to stay put and raise our kids, (alongside a few animals,) and this Spring we have laid down some serious roots.

I used to direct a choir but gave this up last year knowing that we wanted to expand our family. As a leaving gift I got given the perfect present, a voucher for a local garden center. We held onto this voucher for more than half a year because we knew exactly what we wanted to get with it...fruit trees. In February we headed off and picked 6 fruitiers, 2 cherries, an apple, a plum and 2 peaches. It took us a while to get round to digging the holes but once we did we had an after school tree planting session with the boys.

Fingers are now crossed that they all make it, that they all thrive in the spot we've chosen for them next to the bamboo. I love the idea of picking our own fruit from the trees and making all sorts of preserves with them. In the meantime we'll have to make do with foraging and what we get given from other people's gardens as per usual.

In other garden news we finished and planted up our strawberry patch. Really hoping we get a good crop of these this year, I've never made strawberry jam before!

Are you growing fruit where you are?

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