A Creative Sewing Streak

I've been feeling hugely creative recently. I don't have a designated sewing room (yet!) so I keep taking over the dining room table with my fabric and sewing paraphernalia, trying out patterns and making, mainly for baby though not exclusively.

First up some jersey baby leggings. These are sooo cute! I'm always a little afraid of trying out clothes patterns. I have long had dreams of creating a handmade wardrobe for myself but have yet to make any kind of progress because patterns, choosing the right fabrics, and sizing has always put me off. However I'm diving in to the world of handmade baby clothes because they are just too cute! I bought this harem pant pattern from Made By Me Patterns and spent just a couple of hours sewing up my first pair...and I was hooked! They are just too cute and the pattern goes all the way up to 2 years so I'll be sewing them for a while.

With the same fabrics I also made some baby hats with this pattern. Hoping the smallest size fits baby when it's born, they seem quite tiny! But I'm holding back some fabric so can always whip up the next size up if needed.

Next, washable cloths. I used to rely heavily on wipes with my boys when they were young but I'm determined to be more eco friendly this time round. These are so easy to make so I've been making loads. I want to make some bigger ones to use as kitchen towels so will be back to the fabric shop soon for more toweling fabric (any excuse!)

On my crochet hook recently I've had these baby hats. We're not exactly going into the right season for these but they'll be good for Autumn/Winter, and I''m going to add pom poms on top to make them even cuter. Haven't quite mastered different sizing yet, they all seem to end up the same size but that's probably down to the different wool I'm using.

Next on my list I'd love to find a simple romper pattern that would look good in linen or muslin, and I'd love to have a go at making sweatshirts, both for the boys and for myself as I've seen some gorgeous jersey fabric around recently.

Do you have any favourite clothing sewing patterns?

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