Muslin Baby Sewing

Does anyone else find it as hard as I do to get up before sunrise? I'm not a morning person at the best of times but throw in the frost and darkness of winter and I find it especially hard. After such a laid back holiday break it's been hard getting back into the rhythm of school and work. To help keep me going (apart from copious amounts of tea by the fire) I've dug my sewing machine out.

A while back I bought some muslin and having decided that this fabric would be utterly useless and far too thin for winter curtains (what I originally bought it for) it's perfect for making lightweight baby blankets and cloths. You can't go too wrong cutting squares and sewing up the edges, though muslin is quite a stretchy material, so it's been a simple enough project to start the new year with. I never really made anything for the boys when they were little but I quite like the idea of getting some baby clothes patterns and having a go.

What are your crafty project for this year?
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