Caylus Pottery Market

I know I keep going on about how this market is my favourite market...but Caylus pottery market, held over a weekend in August every year, really is my FAVOURITE summer market! Every year I'm blown away by the quality of the handmade items on display and I always come away with a few pieces (though I could come away with a LOT more.)

This year I came away with two new mugs to add to my 'posh' mug collection. I also couldn't resist a new bowl from the fluorescent stand above. I don't match colours or styles, I tend to just go for what I like, which is turning out to be pretty eclectic. I'm now on the lookout for the perfect cabinet or shelving unit so I can display them all in my dining room. And how cool is this guys clay sculpting. These figures popped up on corners all around the local area throughout the summer!
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