Mini Golf - Alphabet Adventures

The highlight of Summer for Reuben is always his birthday. Last year we rushed to get the pool ready so that we could have our first pool party. This year we had lots of family round and a pool party would have been nice but the weather had other ideas. Despite the heat that we'd had all Summer, this year was cloudy and drizzled a lot, though to be fair it was much needed. We didn't let it get in the way of celebrations however and we all headed off to St André de Najac for a game of mini golf.

We arrived en mass and were greeted by a lovely couple who told us they had been running the place for 15 years. After being sized up for clubs and having chosen our coloured balls we hit the course after a brief explanation on how to keep score. The kids played as they wished and whizzed around, hitting their balls in all manner of directions (including one in the pond.) The adults however played a slightly more serious game, keeping score and a close eye on who gained penalties on some of the more difficult holes.

It was a really fun morning (especially as I came out victorious!) that was finished off with hot chocolates and a promise of birthday cake when we arrived back home. We'll be including mini golf as part of our Alphabet Adventure guide in the Summer as an activity for all ages!

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