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I can't believe it's taken us so long to go and visit this goat farm which is literally 2 minutes down the road from us. The Moulin de Vignasse produces delicious goats cheese that you can find in local markets or buy on selected days at their farm shop. We went along this weekend on a Journée du Patrimonie (European Heritage Day) where local monuments and cultural spots open their doors for people to come and visit. 

It's a lovely little farm! We got to see all the mama goats who were waiting to be milked. The younger goats were in a next door pen and there was a daddy goat outside (I swear he's smiling!) The mamas all rushed into the milking room at 5.30 to get their feed and be electronically milked. The boys found it fascinating to watch the milk being collected and whisked off down tubes to later be made into cheese. 

The farm also has a couple of pigs that they raise for meat and that enjoy being fed on goats milk which I'd not seen or heard of before.  The pigs loved lapping it up along with munching on quinces from a nearby tree.

The farm is also a working moulin and we were able to see the big wheel churning away in the water and listen to an explanation about how their organic flour is made, which you can also buy in their shop. Sadly by the time we'd arrived they had sold out of cheese but we'll be back to try out their different varieties. 

Did you visit anywhere this weekend as part of the European Heritage Days?

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