Veg Patch - June

As you may know, this is year one for our veg patch and let's just say I'm already learning loads and there's lots that I will be doing differently next year. Our top soil was delivered back in April. We didn't really have time to add any goodness to it so we've just stuck things in the ground this year and crossed our fingers that something will grow. Thankfully things have...

Potatoes and Onions
The potatoes have gone a bit wild. There was a decent amount of topsoil but it doesn't go down that deep. How many potatoes we'll get I have no idea as after the topsoil it will reach a layer filled with stones. Other people have suffered with their onions due to the amount of rain we've had. Ours seem to be growing, we planted red and white, we'll have to see what happens when we lift them up. As both of these crops take up so much space, especially if you want a decent amount, I'll either be moving them next year and be planting a lot more, or not at all.

I do the same every year with tomatoes...plant them and leave them to go wild. I'm now realising that they could probably do with a bit of care in order to get a good crop. We're starting to get some tomatoes growing but some plants seem to be flowering better than others. Next year I'll be planting a whole bed of tomatoes, and will be spacing them out a bit more.

These are doing really well. I started them off in the greenhouse and we're starting to pick them now. We have both yellow and green varieties growing.

Our lettices suffered in the heavy rains a few weeks back but they're making a good recovery. We're picking and eating daily now. Radishes however, although they are so easy to grow I'm realising it's not really something we eat and the kids don't like them. I'll either have to find a way to get them into our diet or not grow them next year. Really hoping we get a good crop of the beetroot though. I started them from seed in the greenhouse and they seem to have taken in the beds. They're starting to break through now but are looking a little mini.

They're slowly doing their thing. Really hoping we get a good crop as we all love sweetcorn and they don't really sell it round here for some reason.

I'm about to pick our first courgette! I started these off again from seed in the greenhouse. I planted loads of different varieties but think I didn't get them planted outside quick enough cause they all started to suffer a bit in pots in the heat. Hoping some will still take if I plant them out now.

We'd love to hear what you're growing in your veg patch this year!

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