Beautiful Butterflies

The past few weeks it's been so lovely seeing flowers that I've planted along the front of the house establish themselves and start to bloom. It was looking a little sorry for itself for a while but suddenly rain and sun has caused a growth spurt and colour is starting to pop.

We have a rose bush that was already here when we arrived and has flowered beautiful red blooms. Last year I added verbena, thyme, lavender, a lovely yellow flowering plant called 'African Sun'. This year I also started nasturtiums from seed that are starting to produce beautiful rich orange and yellow flowers.

There are also a couple of different sage plants, one with bright hot pink flowers, and an echinacea plant. What I'm loving at the moment is the verbena as it's attracting some beautiful butterflies. I've seen a Red and White Admiral, and a Small Heath. I can see a little butterfly project emerging for the summer holidays to record as many as we can see.

What plants do you love that attract butterflies?

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