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Wednesday afternoons the kids have no school. They've just had two weeks off school and there are endless bank holidays in May meaning disrupted weeks and late nights as we just can't seem to get back into the school rhythm. Our boys are pretty good at keeping themselves entertained but every so often they fail to find things to amuse themselves so it's good to have a couple of things up our sleeves like this....homemade playdough.

I haven't bought playdough for years once I discovered how easy it was to make. This is my favourite recipe, though I make it without the jelly. I usually use any old food colouring but I had a box of this natural stuff from our local Biocoop which works perfectly. The pink is beetroot, green is nettle powder, and the yellow smells so strongly of turmuric. The boys use it with their electric dough kit and light up their creations!

Have you tried making your own playdough? What's your favourite recipe?

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