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Andrew and I gave up on shop bought deodorant a while ago. After reading Bea Johnsons Zero Waste Home and realising how easy it would be to make we decided to give it a go as quite frankly what did we have to lose (apart from our friends if it didn't work!) The real test was always going to be Summer. It can get really hot here. We work...we sweat...and we smell. But I can thankfully say the homemade stuff works it's magic and I'm pleasantly surprised.

There's no doubt that there are days when it needs to be applied more than once, but the bicarbonate of soda is great at getting rid of those unwanted odours. After trying a few different recipes my current favourite one is in Handmade Beauty by Annie Strole. It uses coconut oil, shea butter, bicarb and arrowroot, which I managed to find in my local bio shop. We customise it with whatever essential oil takes our fancy, which is currently clary sage. The ingredients make it more of a solid deodorant, we keep it in a jar and just scoop and apply with our fingers.

Have you tried using a natural deodorant? Do you have a favourite use for bicarbonate of soda?
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  1. I've never thought of making my own toiletries other than perfume when I was a small child lol. I use bicarb to neutralise the odour from the cat litter tray #goinggreen


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