Mega Veg Patch Plans

Happy Mail!! I love receiving fun stuff in the post so I was pretty happy yesterday to receive my order of seeds from Sarah Raven. We've started to get the garden (read 5 hectares of land) sorted bit by bit. We've started clearing undergrowth, pulling down dead trees, and have decided to move the chickens to a new spot where they'll be fenced in. We love our chickens being free range but having lost another three this week to hunting dogs something had to be done. We were pretty pleased with ourselves to bag a free greenhouse which we picked up at the weekend and we will clean and attempt to put that back together before the end of the week. We've found a whole bunch of wooden beams in the barn which we're hoping will be good enough to form the basis of our veg patch which at the moment looks like this...

...but I'm truly hoping by midsummer it will be a thriving veg and flower patch where our guests will be able to pick their own food for their breakfast/lunch/dinner and we'll be preserving our way into autumn and winter.

Speaking of guests...have you seen our new website? We launched our 'Wild Oak Wood' Bell Tent Camping business this week and have already had lots of positive feedback about our new site. We're looking forward to getting our tents in February when we'll have a go putting them up and get some pictures taken so you know exactly what we'll be offering. Let us know what you think!

Welcome To Wild Oak Wood!

Hello 2018! Wow...we have so much in store for you! For my first post of the year I'm going to be brave and hit the publish button to reveal our new blog name. Welcome to Wild Oak Wood!

Having bought our new house last year we no longer live on Rue Du Belvedere so this blog has had to evolve. Our new house is surrounded by nature. We always knew we wanted land, and now we have 5 and a half hectares of it. Most of it wild woodland with...yes you've guessed it...oak trees! It's beautiful, if a little overgrown at the moment, but we're slowly exploring and finding it's hidden gems, like old stone shepherds huts and endless juniper bushes. The wildlife is also making itself known and we've seen deer, wild boar and pheasants on the land.

We have big plans for all this nature. We want trails through the trees and a natural playground for the kids. We want to get going on the veg patch and ensure the animals are happy (more about them later.) We've been chopping down trees for next years wood stash, but we also want to start planting some fruit trees to be enjoyed in years to come.

We liked the name Wild Oak Wood, not just because it evokes the true nature of this place, but because the intials spell out pretty much what everyone says when they come to visit us...WOW! We thought it was rather fitting. Very soon we'll be revealing all about our new business plans. We're working on the website and have endless to do lists to keep us busy over the coming months. The blog will continue as normal, little stories about what we get up to as a family and about our life in France.

Hope you all endulged yourself over the holidays. Does anyone else do dry January? This is our 4th year running, we'll see how far we get!
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