Our Broody Hen

So...we have a broody hen. This is not our first broody hen, but our first met an awful fate after being discovered and eaten, along with all her eggs, by Mr Fox. Our chickens are free to wander about as they please (though for how much longer I'm not sure as they continuously dig up my newly planted flower beds) and as a result they often lay their eggs wherever they choose. When they start to get broody this means that one day they disappear altogether to sit on their nest of eggs and wait for them to hatch. We lost our first broody hen for weeks until one day we noticed that she was coming back on a daily basis for food. One day I watched, waitied, and followed her back to her nest. We were content knowing where she was and kept checking on her, until one day we found a nest of empty egg shells and not to far away a pile of feathers. That was a sad day.

So this time we're taking no chances. On finding our second broody hen we waited one evening until dark and then moved her to a safe place, creating a new nest for her where she can wait it out. She's sitting on 23 eggs! How many of those will hatch I have no idea but once again we're excited by the thought of baby chicks to look after.

Do you have any tips for looking after chicks? Send them our way! We'll let you know if we get any baby chicks.

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