Welcome Home Chickens!

The chickens are in! Of course I am more than excited that we have now officially moved into our new house, but I am also so thrilled that the move means our chickens have the freedom to roam as they please. We gave them as much space as we could in our last home but here they really are happy hens. We've bought them a new house and have added an important new friend. Red is a beautiful cockerel gifted to us by some friends. He has settled in well with the ladies and we're hoping it will mean little chicks at some point in the future. We're getting used to his cock-a-doodle-doing in the morning and evening (and hoping the neighbours won't be too disrupted by the noise.)

We've decided to let them be proper free range hens with no restrictions. However...I am not happy that they have already destroyed one of my newly planted flower beds. They seem to have a love of fresh soil, perfect for scratching around in and digging up, but it does leave a bit of a mess. So if anyone has any tips of how to keep chickens away from much loved plants do let me know! We will soon be adding some more hens and I quite like the idea of keeping quails as well so watch this space!

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  1. You'll have to call it 'Chicken Corner' with that marvellous boy there, he will never be mistaken for a hen!

    With regard to chicken proofing your garden, we've spent years developing this and have ended up ensuring that the chickens have got good access to dust baths (so they don't dig up the lawn) and any special/delicate/food plants are protected with cages or fences... Anything to make it 'not worth the effort'!
    Enjoy your wonderful new garden,
    Hen Corner


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