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It was tucked away in a garage all winter but as April marked the opening of most campsites around France and with a two week school holiday to fill we had an excuse to fire up our camper and head South for a few days. The initial plan was to stop in Carcassonne for a night, which we did, and explore the old city again after a whistle stop tour on our last visit, which we did not. Over winter we had managed to completely forget how to use our camper and overnight managed to kill the battery having left the fridge on the wrong setting. Luckily the lovely campsite people gave us a jump start and we disrupted everyone's breakfast with our exhaust pipe fumes. We downed our breakfast and quickly legged it to the nearest car shop where we bought a spare battery, just in case we decided to do the same again!

This time last year we were in Narbonne and for some reason, despite the fact that it was freezing and windy, we decided that this year we would go back with a bunch of friends and try again. This time we found a little campsite right on the beach near Gruissan. We were lucky with the weather in that the sun made an appearance which allowed us a bit of beach time. However, there is no denying that this part of France is windy, and no matter how much the sun shines it's not the best experience being sat on a beach while the kids dip their toes into the freezing sea and you get sandblasted away. Needless to say I think this was our last visit to this part of France.

Gruissan is a pleasant enough little town. We made it to the Saturday morning market where the boys bought shells (cause we really couldn't find any good ones on the beach) and we bought wine (local of course.) We climed to the top of the ruined castle and literally had to hold on for dear life, not sure any view is worth that amount of wind battering! I found a nice brocante shop to browse and we bought a suitable Gruissan fridge magnet to add to our growing collection. We failed to sample any of the fresh seafood as we ate mainly out of our little camper.

It was great to be back in the camper. We took the slow scenic route there and back through a national forest which was just stunning. We're planning Spain again this summer to another little campsite right by the sea. Do you have any holidays planned this year?

Lou Messugo
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