Our Wedding Album (Finally!)

I've started a list. Sadly I'm beyond the stage where I could include the number 30 in the heading so I've had to go with '40 before I'm 40' (eek!) Life is short, which I'm often reminded of here. I'm so proud of what I've managed to achieve in life so far but there are some things that I really really want to do before I go. It's not a list of crazy stunts, (so no skydiving or bungee jumping,) or far away exotic locations that have to be visited, (though Morocco is on there somewhere.) It contains a lot of simple achieveble things like...make pasta from scratch, learn to play the ukulele, go stay in a yurt and learn how to knit.

One thing on the list was to turn our wedding photos into an album. It's been seven years since we've been married and for seven years the photos have sat on a CD waiting to be brought to life. Last year I finally got round to doing it, spurred into action by Christmas as I thought the albums would make great presents for our parents. I used Blurb books. I've used them before to make a photo album of Instagram pictures of the boys and found the process very simple. You download the book making programme and then design your pages and drag and drop your photos.

It feels so good to finally have a printed version of what was a very special day. It's an amazing thing to have all your friends and family in one place at one time, an occasion I'm not sure will ever truly be recreated again. I'm now enthused to get round to the rest of our vast photo collection that currently sits on our computer. I'm going to work backwards and print a book for every year. Although I'm already wondering where all the photos of me are. It seems I'm always the one behind the camera. Anyone else have that problem?!

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