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Do you know what Geocaching is? Am I really late to this party or is it still a pretty new thing? I stumbled across it whilst browsing Instagram and saw a picture of someone who found a shell geocache on a beach. Naturally I was intrigued and delved a little deeper. All over the world 'caches' have been hidden. By downloading the Geocache app you have access to a map which pinpoints all the caches and helps you navigate close to where the cache has been hidden. Once you're at the location you have to search for it. When I downloaded the app I never imagined we would have one hidden near our little village in SW France but too my surprise there are loads! Yesterday we jumped into the car to our local lake and began searching for our very first Geocache.

It's not easy looking for something when you have no idea what it is you're actually looking for. It was Andrew that found it and the boys were thrilled when he did. We opened the container and found little trinkets and the log book which had been signed by people from all over the world. We exchanged tokens, signed the log, and placed it back where we found it ready for the next person to find.

We're so excited to add this activity into our lives. If anything it's a huge incentive to get out and about with kids, both in the local area and further afield. Reuben is desperate to get out and find another one. We're hoping to take out our new camper out soon during the school holidays and we're going to plan stops around sites where caches are hidden. The campsite we're planning to go to even has some on site!

Have you discovered geocaching? If you have do tell us your stories and any tips on finding caches.

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