We Bought A Campervan!

You know when you have those dreams that you're not sure will ever actually come true? A bit like when we first thought about moving to France...it started as an idea that we slowly managed to turn into reality. Owning a campervan has been on our dream list for such a long time. Where we used to live I used to regularly pass a gorgeous little VW Camper and spend hours daydreaming about one day owning our own, packing up and going on long adventures to who knows where, setting up camp with fairy lights and bunting.

Well last week we turned our campervan dream into a reality. We are now the proud owners of a very old, but very well looked after, Citroen C35! We found it on the Bon Coin (think a French version of Ebay where you can find pretty much anything) which we had been trawling for quite a while. When you start searching you realise there are so many on offer. From the rusty-left-in-a-field kind to the way-beyond-our-budget-state-of-the-art kind. None of the ones we clicked on seemed worthy until I saw this one, there was just something about it. Maybe it was the retro paint job on the outside. Or the fact that you could instantly tell it had been so loved by it's one owner. It was compact, but we weren't looking for anything too big for our first camper. We contacted the owner to book a visit and as soon as we saw it we fell in love.

Andrew and I are not the type to mess about if we like something. When we bought our first house we spent a day looking and bought the last house we looked at. So after agreeing that we liked it we negotiated a price and last week went to pick it up! The owner spent a good couple of hours showing us all the quirks of the van, how it all worked, and going over paperwork. Then it was down to Andrew to drive it home, a good hour and a half journey in the dark and on the back roads to avoid the high speeds of the motorways. I'm happy to report he, and the van, made it home in one piece!

And now the real adventures begin! We have plans to add our own touches and take it out on our first trip before the campsites all close for the winter. We will of course inundate you with pictures soon and there will be blog posts of all our renovation work. In the meantime if you have had any campervan adventures do tell!

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