Tree Climbing - The Alphabet Adventures

The Alphabet Adventures continue...with 'T' for Tree Climbing! This was more for the kids as for the adults it was more of a hovering by the side to catch them when they lose their balance kind of experience. But this was an activity we will do again as there are different courses for different ages and levels of experience. As the boys are young they stuck to the smallest and lowest course but it quickly became apparent that Reuben could probably have done the next course up with an adult.

We went to the Parc Adventure in St Antonin but we also have this one near us in Najac. The kids were harnessed up and led away to the course where they stepped, climbed, swung and balanced their way around. It was the height of summer and it was a little busy for the little ones. But there was no limit to how many times they could do the course so they carried on until all the other kids had had enough! It was a little daunting having people climbing over your heads and parts of the bigger courses looked a little high (for me!) The course in St Antonin is in a nice spot next to the river which is good for picnics and paddling.

What adventures have you been up to recently?

Lou Messugo


  1. Looks great fun Becky! We saw a zip wire through the trees from our kayaks in St Antonin last month, thought it looked new... I'm sure our kids would love it, though I'm not to sure about me climbing that high, and free falling???
    We usually go to Cap Découverte, have you been there?

    1. No we've never been but it looks great! We managed two canoeing trips this year and took Reuben for the very first time in St Antonin...he absolutely loved it. We're now eyeing up inflatable canoes!

  2. I love a good bit of accrobranche! #AllAboutFrance

  3. My boys love this sort of thing. We have a Via Ferrata cliff-side walk just down the road from us. They adore it. I am terrified of it!! #AllAboutFrance

  4. We have several excellent accrobranches near us and my kids love it. I'm not good with heights though. Thanks for linking to #AllAboutFrance


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