Vide Greniers (Car Boot Sales)

Vide Greniers are fast becoming our favourite weekend family outing. The arrival of Spring also marks the arrival of vide greniers, and one can easily be found every weekend till late in the year. Some are bigger and better than others and at the bigger ones there is usually food so you can easily spend the whole day there. Though the longer you stay the more you usually come home with!

We each have our own things that we look out for. Reuben is a keen collector of 'fèves', the little ceramic figuerines you find in the Galette des Rois. We always manage to find someone with boxes of their own collections. He is very particular about which ones he collects and has already amassed quite a few. They're a great thing to collect as they're cheap, as little as 20 cents for each one. Jacob, who is also starting to collect fèves thanks to his big bro, likes cars. We don't often leave a vide grenier without a few new (old!) cars, but again they're usually really cheap. 

Andrew can often be found browsing record boxes. He's on the lookout for that one collector record that he can sell for a fortune on Ebay! The only thing is most record collectors know the value of their records and they are usually priced accordingly. But he'll keep looking and you never day. I like pretty things! And there are always pretty things to be found, from scarves and bits of fabric, to trinket boxes and jewellery. At the last vide grenier I came away with this fabric sample (1€) and these two decorative boxes (4€).

The only thing about vide greniers is that it really makes you realise how much stuff people have and how much we could probably live without. It's making me take a good look at what we have in our house and trying to make sure we really want, love, and use all the things we have.

What do you look out for at car boot sales?

Lou Messugo


  1. We love French car boot sales too. I look out for old photo / picture frames, maps and the occasional classical music record. But mostly I just soak up the atmosphere ;o) #AllAboutFrance

  2. I am pleased that you have found some good things in vide greniers. The ones we have been to have promised much but yielded have chewed plastic spoons, amongst other things... Things are obviously better near you! #AllAboutFrance

  3. I look out for anything kitchen related. Love the enamel large égouttoir and pichet. I also wrote an article about vide greniers. Check out my favourites:

  4. I used to love them but I've rather gone off rummaging through what seems mostly to be other people's junk, and I never find anything I like. However I'm a great believer in upcycling and reusing so I live in hope of finding something special one day! Thanks for linking to #AllAboutFrance, I do like your little trinket boxes.


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