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I'm back! I's been a while, but hey that's life. I'm not going to make any excuses. I'm just going to carry on as if January (when I posted my last post) was yesterday! So here we are with another instalment of The Alphabet Adventures. Our Adventures are not in alphabetical order so here we find ourselves at N for Narbonne. This time last year we were camping in Bordeaux. We thought if we headed South this year it might be warmer, and it was, but it was also a whole lot windier. Take-the-kids-breath-away kind of wind that was pretty relentless all day. We found this campsite just on the edge of Narbonne and having been pre-warned about the wind we decided to rent a mobile home instead of pitch up our tent, which was the best thing we could have done.

We couldn't visit Narbonne without heading to the beach. If it wasn't for the wind it would have been glorious. The kids didn't seem to mind and were soon running in and out of the water as we sat huddled together, backs to the sand storm that was whipping up around us.

The following day at the campsite we wrapped up warm for a game of mini golf and with a dip in the wind in the afternoon we headed into Narbonne to explore the city. We're not a family to turn down train rides and having arrived just in time we climbed aboard for a little tour of the city. Narbonne is not a huge place but it is pretty, and compared to the country life we are now accustomed to it was a welcome city visit. The train took us along the canal, past the cathedral, Les Halles (big indoor market hall) and birthplace of Charles Trénet (a famous French singer. I had no idea who this was when we went past his house but thanks to Google I realise I do actually know some of his songs!)

Whilst driving around we kept passing billboards for Réserve Africaine de Sigean. With a day left of our holiday and the weather not good enough for the beach we decided to go. The entrance price was pretty steep and we could only hope it was worth it...luckily it was. We started off in our car and were quickly stopping to get a better look at zebras, springboks, animals with the most gigantic horns, and for ostriches crossing the road. We tried to not get too worried about the cars that had stopped in the lion and bear enclosures when we had specifically been told to keep the car moving AT ALL TIMES! On foot we were feet away from elephants, giraffes, flamingos and so many peacocks including the most beautiful all white ones. The boys loved it and we recommended a visit if you're in the area.

On our last morning we shopped at Les Halles in Narbonne for local olive oil, honey, and wine, before hitting the road. Our route took us past Carcassonne where we stopped for lunch and had a quick walk around the old city about before heading home. Carcassonne is an amazing place and I can't wait to head back there soon to explore properly.

Have you been on any adventures recently?

Lou Messugo
Seychelles Mama


  1. Narbonne's a lovely place and it's good to see it with some spring leaves as I've only been in late winter. The safari park looks good, I hadn't heard of it before. The wind in that part of France can be exhausting, good thing you took a cabin and not a tent. Glad you're back on the blogging scene and thanks for linking up to #AllAboutFrance

  2. I've not yet visited Narbonne, but have seen Carcassonne. It looks like a great place - Thanks for sharing.

  3. Looks like a lovely part of France. Glad you made the most of it, despite the windy weather! Nice to find you over at #AllAboutFrance linky

  4. Woohoo welcome back Becky!!! Narbonne looks so beautiful! I love a windy day at the beach (we don't really get windy days here, which sounds weird i know!) i always feel really refreshed afterwards, with all the cobwebs blown away!! Your windy beach day does sound VERY windy though!! Love the idea of a little train ride round the city, a perfect way to see everything and keep the kids entertained!!
    Thanks for sharing this post with #myexpatfamily great to have you back!


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