Freshly Laid Eggs - Keeping Chickens

No matter how many times I make the trip up to the garden I'm still thrilled everytime I open up the hatch on the chicken house and find freshly laid eggs. Our chickens are well into the swing of things now. After a slow start last year we are now regularly getting three eggs a day and it's been a while since I've had to buy any from the shops. I think all of them are laying. I've been told to look at their crests and if they are all bright red then they are producing.

We had major problems with our last batch of chickens and I'm pleased to report that this lot seem happier. There was a bit of feather pecking going on towards the end of last summer so we let them have run of the garden over winter. They are now back in the run as we have started to plant veg and don't want the chickens eating it all up before we've had a chance to pick it!

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  1. So lovely to be collecting a handful of eggs every day, get that weather warming up for us, we're coming out in the summer!
    Sara x


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