Time For A Christmas Party!

As the countdown to Christmas continues we can't wait for school to finish this week and for the real Christmas celebrations to begin! We have family arriving at the weekend with a car packed full of Christmas goodies, presents, and of course mince pies! We're looking forward to going to the last of the Christmas markets before retreating into our home by the fire and getting ready for the big day. Christmas is the best excuse for getting together with family and friends that you haven't seen over the year. Here are some of the parties we'll be having over the Christmas period...

Musical Parties
Being a member of two choirs means 4 church concerts and a whole load of carols to learn! This year I've been learning arrangements of traditional Engligh carols such as 'God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen' and as well as some new (to me!) French ones such as 'Petit Papa Noel' and 'Noel Blanc'. There are so many carolling services around but why not just get together with a few friends and sing your favourites? If anyone plays an instrument get them to learn a few well known carols. I've been learning some on my ukulele which I'm going to pull out on Christmas Eve!

Crafting Parties
This week I have some friends coming round for a Christmas crafting coffee morning (which may just run into lunch with mulled wine!) I'm pre-making decorations with air drying clay which we'll be decorating with paints, glitter, and sequins. We'll have a go at making lip balms with a Christmas inspired essential oil, and we'll be felting some mini stockings! Crafting parties are great for all ages and everyone can take a little something away to decorate their own homes with.

Food Parties
Everyone has their own favourites when it comes to Christmas food. Though we live in France we can't resist the British mince pies (which we have brought over by the box load!) gingerbread houses and mulled wine. However we also like to try new things. I'll be attempting Christmas Cranberry Mojitoes on Christmas Day and we've become big fans of oysters which are in season and everywhere at this time of year in France.

This post was written as part of the Multicultural Kid Blogs 'Christmas In Different Lands' series which we love taking part in. You can catch up with all the posts here. We wish you all a very Happy Christmas and New Year and I look forward to getting my blogging mojo back in the new year, continuing to document our life here in South West France!

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