The Alphabet Adventures Continue!

It's been a while since our last adventure and for our next we've decided to mix things up a little. We started doing our adventures in alphabetical order, but simply because we have the opportunity to travel on our next adventure over the school holidays we're jumping to 'S' for Spain, because that's where we are going! (Who said anything about doing things in order!!)

We are soooo looking forward to our first adventure to a different country. (The car certainly will not be as jam packed as in picture above when we went camping!) I've said before one of the best things about living in France is that we have Europe on our doorstep. We have decided to drive down South (cheaper for us than flying) and will be staying not far from Malaga. The boys are getting excited and we are looking forward to family time and showing them a different culture, hoping the weather will be nice enough for days down at the beach, and of course paella (for Andrew) and tapas (for me!)

Stay tuned for an update at the beginning of November for info about our 'S' adventure! In the meantime you can follow along with our adventure on Instagram and Twitter #brownalphabetadventures

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