My New Ukulele!

There is a new love in my life...the ukulele. It's the first time I've taken up a new instrument since being at university and there is a reason why I chose the ukulele. The first Friday of every month there is a jam session in our local village bar. It's been going now for about 2 years and I go along to sing regularly and jam with some fabulous local musicians. However...the musicians are all men. They play the guitar, the drums, the saxophone, the accordian, and even one time there was a harp. Being a musician myself I was starting to feel like women were being grossly under-represented in the instrument department. There are always female singers around, but as far as instrument playing went, I decided that something had to be done about it.

I would love to play the guitar, but having tried playing it for all of a second I decided that results were not going to be quick enough. The ukulele on the other hand, with only 4 strings, and being a much smaller size, has been a breeze to learn. (Bear in mind I have been playing some kind of instrument since the age of 4 so some instruments I can pick up pretty quickly.) Jacob got a little kids ukulele for Christmas last year and I started to learn on his, but the strings kept slipping and I knew that to really compete with the big boys I was going to need something with a little more power behind it. I then discovered Duke of Uke's and started dreaming about owning a 'proper' ukelele! Being in France I had to send my dad to visit the shop in East London and get recommendations about which one would be the best to get.

So I am now the proud owner of an acoustic-electric ukulele. Getting an electric uke means that I can plug it in at the jam sessions and compete (in my own little way) with the mass of electric guitars always present! I'll let you know soon how I'm teaching myself to play and what songs I've been learning.

Have you taken up an instrument recently? What are you learning to play?

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