C'est La Rentrée!

It's back to school today and after the long summer holiday our boys were more than ready to get stuck back into school life. Reuben turned 6 over the summer so this year he is going into CP (cours préparatoire) and starts formal education. At the end of last term he got given his list of school supplies that we have had to buy. In the UK all materials for the classroom are provideed by the school and it seems a little crazy that each child in his class is having to go out and buy the following...

We've had to buy not one...not even two...but three pencil cases for him to fit all his supplies into. And yes, that is a chalkboard you see. Surely it would be cheaper for the school to buy all this in bulk for students? I now totally understand why kids wheel in suitcases on a daily basis!

Jacob at 3 and a half is now in the petit section of the maternelle (nursery.) He missed out a lot last year due to breaking his leg in January and he's now going in full time. We're looking forward to his French language developing this year and seeing him form more friendships with his classmates being able to speak to them more. He's looking forward to having lunch at school!

Have your kids started back this week? Were they excited about going back or did they want the summer to last just a little bit longer?

Lou Messugo


  1. Oh Becky, your boys are growing up fast!

    Our two don't go back until next week, James passed a couple of GCSEs early this summer and will finish the rest this coming year and Macy begins her second year at high school...

    Hope you are all well!


  2. I guessed a few of us would link up rentrée posts as it's such a big deal in France, so I'm happy to see yours at #AllAboutFrance. The lists only get longer and more complicated as the years go on until...hooray, this year my oldest is in 1er (penultimate year of school) and he had NO LIST!!! That only took 14 years! I hope your boys have settled into their new classes and are enjoying being back at school. Thanks for linking up.


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