A Mighty Tree Has Fallen

On the last day of August, just before the kids went back to school, there was an almighty storm that marked the end of the summer and the start of the new season. It started in the evening just as the kids went to bed, the lightening and noise of the thunder scaring them and keeping them awake. We lost our electricity and as we lit candles we worried about the sausages and lamb defrosting in the freezer. (Sad I know but we have just bought half a lamb from local farmer and stocked up on sausages from a friends farm nearby!)

When we awoke the next morning we discovered that the walnut tree that has towered at the top of the village for years took a battering, and in the intensity of the wind it had given in...it was broken. We were lucky however. In nearby Montauban the lives of two people were taken and more injured. We were fortunate that our electricity came back quickly as thousands were left without the following morning. Big storms are not unusual here and with the intense heat we've had recently it was inevitable that a storm would occur at some point. It's just a little reminder of who is in charge of this world we inhabit! Part of the tree still remains so hopefully it will recover and continue to grow providing walnuts for future generations of the village.

Do you live in the Tarn-et-Garonne region? Did you experience any storm damage?

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