I know...It's been a while...but it's the summer holidays, we have two young boys to entertain, and I seem to have got myself into full time employment which is taking up far too many hours in the day. The kids have been off school for what feels like ages having broken up from school on the 3rd July. We've been spending time in local swimming pools and lakes, had ice cream and pancakes at night markets, seen some great live music, and the newly arranged boys bedroom is in a constant state of lego chaos! I've realised I've got the work/life balance totally wrong this summer but at least we'll be able to afford the crazy amount of stationary Reuben needs for starting school in September. But's's all good fun and the kids are happy!

I was recently having blogging doubts, not sure If I was going to continue writing, but I've figured what I really needed was a break. So I'll be back regularly in September with more news about family life in France.

Hope you're having a good summer!
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