A Bug Hotel For The Garden

While we were on our Alphabet Adventure camping trip, on the way home we stopped off at the Dunes du Pilat where we stumbled upon the biggest bug hotel we had ever seen! It was pretty impressive and it got me thinking about adding one to our garden. We have been doing up our small but perfectly formed garden which is a minutes walk away from our house. The veg patch is growing nicely, the BBQ is built, the chickens are happy, and the lavendar is slowly but surely coming back to life. We have been painting stones for our 'mini world' which will soon be cemented in place, and just next door to where it will be we now have our very own bug hotel.

Daddy has been rebuilding what we are now calling the 'summer kitchen' (sounds a lot more glamourous than it really is) a covered area in our garden which houses our newly built-by-daddy BBQ and where we can take shelter from the hot summer sun. He decked the inside and there was a lot of decking left over, so drill in hand Andrew has also built a herb and strawberry box, seating for the inside of the summer kitchen, and now a bug house. The boys filled it with bamboo sticks left over from propping up the veg, unused tiles from the roof, stones from out of the veg patch and hay from the chickens. They used the pine cones we brought back from the beach and a small fraction of their stick collection that grows daily.

It will be interesting to see what insects do decide to taking up lodgings in the bug hotel. There is already evidence of slug or snail trails (which better watch out because if found they tend to get thrown into the chicken coop!) We'll let you know what we find.

Do you have a bug house in your garden? If you do feel free to post pictures over on our Facebook page and let us know what insects you find.



  1. We have just built a bug hotel too! Ours is on the scale of the large one but less pretty! I am filling it now and like you hoping for lots of creepy crawlies. I added some melon skins tonight, hoping this might kick start the insect trail. Wishing you lots of fun with yours.

  2. Which reminds me, my husband promised to make me one of these for a Christmas present - I may have to leave this post open to remind him!

    Looking forward to seeing who takes up residence and many thanks for adding your minibeast hotel to #AnimalTales

  3. love the bug hotel and look forward to seeing who moves in

  4. What a great idea- although for me it would be my worst nightmare lol as I hate anything crawly :)

  5. Looks fab, Becky!
    I love the sound of your Summer Kitchen too.... How wonderful...
    Sara x


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