Electric Playdough!

Reuben's Christmas present has just taken me back to being at school. Sitting in a classroom with batteries, little wires and mini light bulbs, as we experimented with electrical currents to find out how it all worked. Let me just say now, there's is so much I have forgotten about electricity that I'm sure I learnt just as much as Reuben as we played with his DIY Electro Dough Kit. The kit came from Technology Will Save Us, a UK based company that provides educational kits to get people learning all about technology in a really fun way, and it was just that...really really fun!

I had already made some play dough in the week using our favourite playdough recipe so all we had to do was get creative. The kit comes with wires, LED lights, a buzzer and a battery kit. You can use the cutters to create shapes or simply mould your playdough as you wish. To begin with we moulded little balls and wired them up to show Reuben how a simple circuit worked. We then got a little more adventurous with the buzzer and Andrew created a wand that joined and broke the circuit so Reuben could play a beat! (I think Andrew also had quite a lot of fun with this set and being electrically minded he knew exactly how it all worked.) We joined together playdough mountains with lights, listened to the buzzer get quieter as we made longer circuits, and even Jacob had a go cutting out shapes and getting the buzzer to sound very loudly.

This kit is fantastic for kids (and adults!) Seeing the lights work and the buzzer sound brought smiles all round and although the playdough didn't last, the kit we can use again and again. I'm currently looking at what other kits Techonology Will Save Us do as they are so user friendly I think we'll be having some more family fun with them in the future.

(This is not a sponsored post...we just had lots of fun!)

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