Letting Go...

Do you ever feel like you're constantly telling your kids what they can and can't do? Eat this...drink that...come here...don't go there...it can all get pretty tiring. Today we're going on our very first family camping trip. It's all pretty exciting! We're heading here, just for 5 nights. Apart from Summers spent here in France it's one of our first family adventures. I've meal planned the entire week (breakfasts and dinners), cooked up batches for the first couple of days, and scouted out day trips in the local area. But it looks like there's lots we can do at the campsite.

This holiday I've decided to exercise the idea of 'Letting Go'. I want the boys to have fun without their parents voices in the background telling them what they can and can't do. I've decided to switch off from devices. I'll be taking a camera but I'll be without my phone for the whole time we're there. So when we get back I'll be bombarding you all with pictures!

This holiday will form the third installment of our Alphabet Adventures as 'C' is for Camping (of course!!) But I may also go back to 'B' for Bordeaux as we're so close we're hoping to spend a day there as well.

What adventures have you been on recently?

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  1. I always feel like i'm telling Lily 'NO' or what she can't do. Sometimes I think it's completely justified (no you can't run across that road. No we will not see what happens when you put a fork in the plug socket) and other times I think it's just become a habit! Would love it if we could give her more of a 'free range' childhood! xxx


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