How Our Garden Grows - April

When we returned from our first family camping trip the recent weather conditions meant that we returned to an explosion of life in our garden. Last year we just about managed to grow tomatoes so we're making much more of an effort this year. Some plants we have started from seed which the kids helped out with. We've seeded aubergine, mangetout and spinach. The kids filled the pots with compost before squashing in the seeds and watering. We can also get really good starter plants from the local markets at the moment so our tomatoes and butternut squash came from Jardin Noble-Val in St Antonin, aubergine and beetroot from a local garden centre, and potatoes from the supermarket. We've also started a herb box and we're going to move our strawberries as last year we didn't get a good crop and we think they need more sunlight.

It's so great to see it all take nicely in the newly organised veg patch. We still have a bit of space left so we're deciding what to plant. I think we need more lettuce but we've never tried cucumber before, and I'm think maybe peppers?

Have you planted any seeds recently? What crops are you planning this year?
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  1. Sounds good! I've only planted tomato seeds so far this year as they are the ones that I usually have most success with. My Dad will have a few plants for me, probably courgette and cucumber, which I've also managed well with in the past.

  2. I've been happy to discover last years rocket coming back of it's own accord here. I tend to buy starter plugs rather than plant seeds - but that's more laziness than anything else!
    Good to see you have some help too - such a nice time of year, seeing everything starting to grow is so encouraging don't you think?
    Thank you for joining in and sharing! x


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