Crochet Ripple Blanket

It's finished!! I started this ripple blanket way back in October and I can finally say it's done. I can't believe how long it's taken, but I love it! Even more so knowing the amount of time and effort that has gone into creating it. It's so lovely to have produced something useful that will last for years. I used this pattern and as a beginner I found it very easy to follow. I got a bit carried away towards the end and ended up crocheting a few more rows than I needed to. I haven't added the edging as to be honest I was done and ready to move on to my next project, but I can always add it later if I think it needs it.

I was desperate to finish it before the end of Winter and although Spring may officially be here we've been using it in the evenings to keep us warm on the couch. I now have other crochet projects on the go but I'm also thinking about my next blanket. (Thinking is if I start now it will be ready in time for Winter!) I did actually start one with granny squares and then ran out of yarn so looks like I'll be placing an order soon!

What's on your crochet hook?

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  1. Way back in October you say? Pah, I've been going at my crochet blanket since JULY and it's still not finished! But in any case, your blanket is GORGEOUS. I love the colour combo. May I ask what yarn you used? The one I'm working on right now is all cotton but I'm thinking of making a slightly heavier, warmer one.

  2. I gave it such a push at the end because I really was determined to finish it before winter was over. It's acrylic (Leader Plassard) which was a good choice because otherwise it would have cost an absolute fortune. Also my choices for yarn buying round here are pretty limited. I'm going to have to start buying online soon.


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