A First Sign Of Spring - Vide Greniers

In France one of the first signs of Spring is the start of the vide greniers and brocantes, or car boots and antique markets. This is one of our favourite ways to spend the weekend and though some are bigger and better than others we always manage to find something to come away with.

Reuben and Jacob are getting well into vide greniers. It can hard to contain them as they run from one stall to another pointing out the antique swords, pirate ships, bikes, guitars and animal heads. Their favourite kind of stand of course involves boxes of cars, trucks and figures. Though having said that Reuben does have an eye for more pretty and unusual things. This time he came away with a cow bell and I had to dissuade him from spending 10 euros on a little box that although was very decorative was a little expensive.

What do I like to look out for at vide greniers? Plates with interesting designs that I can use for lunches or dinner parties. I'm also trying to find a nice tea pot and any bits of fabric that I can transform into my handmade wardrobe. I came away with this plate at the weekend that although is small and decorative I just knew I had to get as I think the painting is just so beautiful. It only cost me 3 euros!

Do you have any good car boot or antique fairs near you? What do you like to look out for?

Lou Messugo


  1. If I look around our house my favourite items are from French boot sales- mostly enamel kitchen ware!

  2. I love the plate you found, it looks a little Russian to me...but I know nothing really, so I guess it's not!! I'm hopeless at finding good stuff at vide greniers and tend to get overwhelmed by the tat.I like the idea of going to them more than the reality. I think I got put off by actually having a stall at one a couple of years ago. It wasn't fun but I should get over that and try harder. Thanks for linking up to #AllAboutFrance Becky. Great to have you back again.


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