Pocket Money Pigs

It's the school holidays!! We have so many activities planned as with Jacob in plaster and Reuben to entertain it's good to have a few things up our sleeves when that 'bored' word starts floating around. Before I started crafting with the kids however I took five minutes out on Sunday afternoon to make the above...I'm calling them Pocket Money Pigs! I got the idea from here and they took no more than an hour to make from start to finish.

We've never been consistent in giving our boys pocket money but I feel the time is right to introduce it on a regular basis. These pigs will help as once a week we can fill them with coins that the boys can then transfer into their money boxes. I downloaded the Modern Parent Messy Kids 'Responsibility and Money Management Kit' in particular for the routine checklist that we can start ticking off each morning and night. If the boys tick all their boxes by the end of the week, for doing simple things like getting dressed, brushing teeth and packing their school bags, then they'll receive their pocket money. Reuben can also start counting his money (maths!) and saving up for things that he may wish to buy. It's never too early to start teaching them good money management skills!

Do your kids receive pocket money? How old are they and how much do you give them weekly?

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