Memory Jar

As much as I like to look forward at this time of year I think it's just as important to remember the time gone by. Too often I get that feeling that time goes by too quickly and other than photos (which too often remain in files on the computer never to be seen again) I was on the lookout for a simple way to keep a record of events throught the year.

A great idea for remembering happy family times is to create a memory jar. I found a large jar and labelled it, and have left it in a prominent place so that it is not forgotten about. Over the year the aim is to write down any memorable moment or event and store it in the jar. At the end of the year we can open it together as a family and read about all the happy moments that we have experienced throughout the year.

Ours is already starting to fill up with memories of Reuben and Jacob's first guitar concert on New Year's Day, making homemade pizza, and seeing the first full moon of the year. I'm looking forward to the whole family adding their memories throughout the year and opening it up next New Year's Eve!

Have you ever filled a memory jar? What was is like to open it up at the end of the year?


  1. Oh dear - we started a memory jar at the beginning of last year but it got a bit neglected. We sort of stopped doing it half way through the year. Must remember to open it up and at least reminisce about the first half of 2014....

    1. I'm hoping we keep ours up throughout the year. My thinking is that if I keep it in a spot were we see it daily we might keep filling it up!


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