Christmas In Manchester

We had only just touched down in London but the next day with suitcases repacked we were on a train heading up North to Manchester. Andrew has a lot of family up there and we went to visit them for a few days before settling in London. We made the effort to get out and about, despite the fact that it did not stop raining the whole time we were there!

I've had never actually been into the centre of Manchester before so the first day we took the boys in to do a bit of Christmas shopping and to see the Christmas market. I had to keep reminding myself that we were shopping for others, especially in Waterstones where I kept spying books I wanted to flick through and take home with me. Temptation was all around for the boys who are not used to seeing so many shops in one place and things on display. I had to keep reminding Reuben that Christmas was only a few days away and if there was anything he wanted to add it to his wish list.

We whizzed around the Christmas market which was a shame but by that time we were soaked through. There were some lovely things from pottery to locally produced food, fab Christmas jumpers and Bailey's hot chocolate alongside the traditional mulled wine. We saw a giant lit up Santa which the boys loved as they thought he was sat on top of a giant present.

Our next outing was to take the boys to see Santa. We headed to a local garden centre where they had a little train that took you to Santa's grotto. Again it was a shame it was raining as the train was uncovered and we got a little wet as we weaved our way along the track. The kids bought and waved their Thomas flags and queued patiently to see Santa. Both my boys were a little shy going in and Jacob wanted his big brother to go first. Reuben wasn't too eager to have his picture taken with him but they were both quite happy choosing their presents!

Before we knew it we were back on the train to London and at this point Jacob was welcoming everyone onto Virgin trains! It was a flying visit but the boys got to see their family and a bit of Manchester.

This will be my last post until after Christmas so to all my readers I hope you have a very Happy Christmas wherever you are in the world!

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