Crochet Clutch Bag

Why I decided to sell at a Christmas market the day before we left for London I have no idea. I had visions of being fully packed, food shopping for when we returned done, Christmas presents wrapped, and a spotless house. Ha! We were anything but ready. This particular Christmas market held in Verfeil was one of the better ones. There were a good range of stalls, with handcrafted goods to local producers selling food, and it was well attended by the villagers. Selling at these markets can be tough. My head is still in London when I think about craft markets and I forget that the local french markets are very different. The few kids that came liked my candy cane mice, badges, and bracelets with snowflakes and Christmas trees. But the majority of the older French villagers weren't interested in felt stockings and garlands so for me it was a little disappointing.

The item I was most proud of on my stall was my lined crochet clutch (the large one you can see in the picture above.) I'm quite glad it didn't sell as I actually want it for myself! It was the first time I had tried sewing a lining into a crocheted item and it wasn't as difficult as I thought it might be. I used this pattern and lovely colour changing yarn from a local haberdashery shop in Villefranche. I'll be making more and am starting to think about selling online next year. 2015 will be my year to master crocheting as my crochet wish list is growing daily!

What do you think of my Christmas stand?!

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