Christmas In London

This year we will be spending Christmas in London. We're all pretty excited at the thought of going, particularly as it will be our first trip back home since moving out to France a year and a half ago. There is so much we want to do in so little time and here is just a glimpse of some of the things we'll be trying to fit it!

The Southbank
This is one of the places we really miss as we used to hang out there quite a bit when we lived in London. We'll be heading down to the Christmas market and taking a ride on the Southbank Centre Express. I have booked tickets for Andrew and I to go and see Timber, and it would be great to catch some free music, or perhaps the family might be up for some Tango dancing on Boxing Day?!

Nutcracker at the ENO
With tickets booked I'm quite excited about this. I can't remember the last time I went to a ballet performance and for Andrew it will be a first. It will be one of our more grown up evenings out!

Ice Skating
We'll be heading to the Natural History Museum to skate this year where I'm hoping Reuben might be brave enough to have his very first try at ice skating. There are so many great skating sites around London and this one seems to be quite kid friendly. Plus there will be the added bonus of popping into the museum when we're done!

Christmas Tree
We're not getting a Christmas tree in France this year so we'll be heading out with the boys to find some of the biggest ones we can find in London. Let us know if there's one near you!

Eating Out
You can't beat shopping for fresh produce in local French markets, but too often we're finding the restaurants can be a little disappointing, with similar menus and lack of creativity. I'm looking forward to trying out some new restaurants, tasting all the foods we have missed, and am hoping to take Andrew here when we have our day out without the kids.

No, not Christmas shopping, that's already done! The kind of shopping we just can't get here in rural France. As well as browsing down Portobello Road and in Covent Garden there are three main shops I just have to go to. Being a music teacher without a good local music shop I'm currently buying all my music online. I'll be heading to the Yamaha Music Shop to choose new books for my students and find some musical inspiration for the New Year. I cannot tell you how much I miss the haberdashery shops in London. The Village Haberdashery, Ray Stitch and Loop will be on my radar almost as soon as I step off the plane. Bookshops! I can spend hours in a bookshop. The kids need new books and I'm after any family cookbooks and crafting books that I don't get off my Christmas wish list!

Family & Friends
This goes without saying really. It's been a while since we've seen some family and friends and although Christmas is a busy time for everyone we're hoping to see as many people as we can. Book us in now as dates are disappearing fast!

What's on your list to do this Christmas? Where do you like to go as a family? Do you have any outings booked?

 Pictures taken from here: train, nutcracker, ice skating, tree, wool

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  1. The ballet picture caught my eye, as an avid ballet fan! I love ballet and the last company I saw was 'Les ballets Trockaderos de Monte Carlo' in La Rochelle. They were brilliant & hilarious too. Have fun in London!


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