Christmas Crafting With Kids

As a family we don't need an excuse to get crafty! Throughout Autumn/Fall we have had a go at leaf mobiles, owl print pictures and diva candles, which all now form part of our Christmas display. This year, because we'll be spending Christmas in London and not in France, we haven't got a tree. This time last year our tree was up and decorated and sat glittering in the corner of our living room until the New Year. This week I dragged the Christmas box down from the loft and made a little Christmas display for Reuben and Jacob to mark the start of December. I wrapped their advent calendars, hung up some tinsel, and draped everything in fairy lights in the hope that it might make our little corner of rural France feel a bit more Christmassy. 

One thing we do every year as a family is add to our Christmas box with homemade decorations. Have a look here to see what we made last year and below is what we had a go at this week!

Painted Tree Christmas Cards
Supplies: card, paper, paint, glue, glitter
Paint your paper with an array of colours and leave to dry, then use the paper to cut out some Christmas shapes. We chose to do a Christmas tree. Stick onto your card and then decorate how you like! Being Christmas we decided on glitter and Reuben wrote 'Happy Christmas' along the bottom of the cards. We'll be sending them out in the post soon!

Snowflake Candles
Supplies: Christmas paper punch, decorative paper, small glass jars, glitter, glue
Reuben had fun punching out paper snowflakes for this one which we then stuck onto the glass jars. The best bit was probably covering the rim with glitter and then lighting candles inside and watching them sparkle. We like to find ways of bringing light into our home at this time of year but we'll be able to use these all year round as a table decoration.

Christmas Photo Frame
Supplies: photo, frame, glue, glitter and shiny bits to decorate the frame
When Reuben was in nursery in London, every year at Christmas he would come home with a decorated photo frame with a picture of him looking Christmassy. Every family has their own Christmas traditions and I know there are many out there who take a seasonal family picture. I can honestly only think of one picture that we have with the boys, and Andrew and I, altogether. I am going to make it my mission to get a photo of all of us this Winter which we can add to our Christmas box.

Getting crafty at Christmas is a great way of bringing families together and creating traditions that can be repeated year after year. What crafty creations have you been making recently?

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This post has been written as part of the Multicultural Kid Blogs 'Christmas In Different Lands' series. Each day of December up until the 25th a different blogger around the world will share a part of their family Christmas. Check back each day for seasonal inspiration, from crafts to recipes, family traditions and more!


  1. I love all this activities where all members can get involved.

  2. I am so impressed with all your crafts and how you have really got into the spirit of Christmas! I always leave everything right up until the last minute and every year I tell myself I will have to be more organised the next year :)

  3. This is so much fun!!! I love all the crafts you did with the kids, especially the cards! They are lovely, and surely my son would love to make them!

  4. These are beautiful! I especially love the candles. And I love that the cards are something the kids can get messy with, but they still look great!


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