Three Little Chooks

Our chicken coop at the end of the garden is now a pretty sad sight. It wasn't long ago that I was telling you about our first 6 months of looking after chickens, and now our first chicken keeping experience has come to an end. Andrew recently came down from the garden and announced that our remaining three chickens had been killed. By what? We're not sure. We don't think it was a fox because we're assuming it would have taken them away. There was no sign of animal entry or exit, just a lot of feathers, and three lifeless chickens around the coop.

It was probably our fault as we had become pretty lazy about closing them up at night (lesson learnt!) Next Spring we'll get some more and try again. In the meantime we'll carry on reading and learning and hopefully our next set of chickens will be happier, healthier and lay more eggs!

Do you keep chickens? We'd love to hear your chicken keeping tales!

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  1. My father in law has chickens and they recently lost one because it was bitten by a rat…… Stressful this animal keeping business!! :-(


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