Sweet Chestnut Festival - Laguépie

We had so much fun at last year's sweet chestnut festival in Laguépie we decided to go back again for this year's celebrations. I forgot how popular this festival is and instead of heading there first thing in the morning, this time we arrived at lunchtime and it was heaving. We walked through the festival to find lunch, getting distracted by the show of classic cars, the chrysanthemums for sale for Toussaint, the colourful squash displays, and of course chestnuts.

Lunch was a little different as we found a stall selling Chinese chicken with noodles, (optional) hot sauce, prawn crackers, and chocolate orange cake for dessert. The boys like their parents are huge noodle fans, and it was a nice change from sausage and aligot, the other usual option at events like these. Despite being the end of October we were in the midddle of an Indian summer (hence Reuben ending up in his t-shirt) and we baked away in the sunshine until it was too much and had to retreat into the shade.

After lunch we took a stroll through the market. Our first stop was the play area where there were a number of different outdoor games for kids to try. They had a go fishing, throwing a hoop onto a stick, bowling and coin throwing. Their favourite activity however was the high wire assault course which they missed out on last year. They were both harnessed up and navigated their way across the course. Jacob screamed as we tried to take him off as he wanted to go round again. We then found a stand run by volunteers offering arts and crafts for kids. Both boys had a go making little figures using chestnuts, matchsticks, paint, paper and glue.

Back through the market I ended up buying some chestnut flour, puréed chestnut spread, and some chestnuts for roasting (on an open fire!) We also bought two large pumpkins to carve for Halloween, though after scooping out one I decided to simply spray paint the second one gold!

What seasonal festivals have you been to this Autumn?

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Lou Messugo


  1. France does these seasonal festivals so well I find. Around where I am we get lavender, honey, olive, rose, mimosa, violet, pumpkin and bitter orange festivals, of which I think my favourites are the bitter orange and rose. Your chestnut one looks fun and I agree with you that finding some Chinese food at such a thing would be a surprising bonus! Thanks for linking up to #AllAboutFrance and taking us to 50 for the first time!

  2. As Phoebe said, the French do organise such wonderful festivals - we had great fun at a Tuna Festival in Brittany any years ago and love our local food festivals. Who but the French could have a festival to the humble carrot?! #AllAboutFrance


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