Learning French with the Zazoo!

Finding ways for the whole family to enjoy learning a new language can lead to exciting discoveries. In our journey to learn French I stumbled across Little Bilingues, a website that is now at the top of my favourites list as it has some great resources for helping kids learn French or English. For children, learning has to be fun. Judith Milena, the founder of Little Bilingues, has created the Zazoo, six colourful bilingual characters who go on fun adventures at places such as the beach and in Paris.

We have all of the books and both our boys love reading them. We read them together, going through the vocabulary pages first and then on to read the story. I read the French sentences and then translate them into English for the boys so they fully understand the story. Even if you have no French at all it's easy to guess what the characters are saying from the pictures and with help from the vocabulary at the beginning of the books. I love the attention to detail in the illustrations, there is so much to engage your child with and to talk about in any language.

If you're not confident reading in French there are also audio book versions that you can listen to with your children. Judith contacted us to see if we would be willing to help record the audio books knowing that Andrew, with his Media Man business, had all the equipment needed. We recruited local bilingual children and began the process of assigning characters and working with them to really bring the books alive. The children had fun in character and it was amazing to watch them move so effortlessly between two languages with perfect understanding and accents!

The Zazoo books and activities are aimed at children aged 2 - 7 years and with our boys aged 5 and 2 and a half they are at the perfect age for these resources. Judith also has downloadable activity books following different themes. If you're not sure whether the activities are suitable for your child you can sample some of the resources for free to try them out.

Do visit the Little Bilingues website and Judith's blog to discover the Zazoo for yourselves. Thank you Judith for creating such wonderful books for us to enjoy, and for letting us play a small part in the Little Bilingues journey!

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