Autumn Leaf Mobiles

The weather has turned and the crispness of autumn is finally here. The fire is on and the heavy coats are back in the cupboard. It can be hard to motivate ourselves out of the house at this time of year but seasonal crafting, the kind that involves leaves, twigs and other found items on walks, forces us out the house with wellies, hats and gloves. Laminated leaf mobiles were on our radar recently. Another craft inspired by Tend Magazine, like our family owl prints. So out we went and collected leaves of all shades. We brought them home, cleaned them up, and dug out the laminator from the desk drawer.

The first few sheets went in well and then disaster, the leaves caused the sheet to jam and I thought my laminator was gone forever. We luckily already had enough leaves to create a couple of mobiles. Reuben helped cut out the leaves and we punched a hole in the top of each one before hanging them with string on a twig. Thankfully daddy came home and saved the laminator (with brute force!) and it lives for another crafting day!

Have you crafted with leaves? I'd love to make these glitter leaves for a sparkly autumn decoration.

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