Making Sloe Gin

It's pretty amazing what you can find in the hedgerows round here on your Autumn walks. A few years ago I would have just walked past everything, as walks were more about taking in the view and a bit of exercise. When you stop to look at what's around you, you begin to find the hidden gems that nature has to offer...for free!

Our mission recently has been to find sloes. Sloes are plump round large berry like fruits that grow on a bush. They look a bit like blueberries but the difference is sloes have a stone in the middle and don't taste very nice. Once we identified them we started to see them everywhere, usually not far away from rosehips. It may be a little early to harvest them as usually you wait for the first frosts, but many that I saw were starting to dry up and drop to the ground. So armed with a basket and a hook we recently set out to forage enough to make a bottle of sloe gin.

Sloe gin is so easy to make as all you need are sloes, sugar, and gin. Collect enough sloes to fill a steralized bottle and prick them before putting them in. Add enough sugar so that it fills half the bottle and top up with gin. It needs to be shaken weekly for at least 2 months but we're planning to leave ours for up to a year to allow the flavour to mature. You can see in the picture above how the pricked sloes are starting to do their magic in the gin after just one day.

Now that we've found our secret stash of sloes we can start a yearly harvest to make sure we have a steady supply of sloe gin in time for Christmas each year!

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  1. We did our sloe gin a few weeks ago. Theo absolutely loved it and on the walk back to the house, he told everyone we passed that "we're making gin" :-O By the way, I hadn't seen/noticed your new header before and I love it, very stylish! :-)


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