Bruniquel - The Alphabet Adventures!

Our Alphabet Adventures kicked off in Albi and 'B' finds us heading to Bruniquel, a village a little closer to home. A 40 minute drive away alongside the l'Aveyron river, as we approached Bruniquel we admired the towering Chateaux that stands at the top of the village. Our boys are currently fans of knights which was one of the reasons for visiting Bruniquel as you can visit the Chateaux and imagine it what life was like in the 'olden days' as Reuben puts it!

The busy tourist season in this area doesn't really last long. For many businesses as soon as September hits they close or reduce their hours. Bruniquel was pretty quiet and there were a couple of places we would have like to have visited were now closed for winter. The Chateaux however stays open until mid November. The main village is just for pedestrians and we worked up a good appetite up the steep and narrow roads to find somewhere for lunch. We ended up right down at the bottom along the main road where we found a restaurant offering a reasonable three course meal that gave us the energy to walk all the way back up to the Chateaux.

The Chateaux is huge, with endless rooms to get lost in. It's in various different states of disrepair. There are rooms that have been tidied up for visitors to look round, and then there are many rooms out of bounds. Parts of the Chateaux are clearly being restored but there were no workers around so we did wonder whether we were supposed to be in some of the rooms as it felt like walking into a building site. I couldn't help think that if this were a National Trust place back in the UK it would be slightly more loved.

The boys loved walking around, imagining knights in full armour in the ruined knights room, past the huge pressing machine, and into the old kitchen where we found a huge wooden canon. We climbed winding stairs to the top of the buildings and took in the view, and ran away from the bronze dinousaur in the prehistoric room!

Hopefully they will continue to restore the Chateaux as it's sad to see historical buildings like this one fall to ruin. The Bruniquel and it's Chateaux are worth a visit and we look forward to visiting the village next summer to see the the village in full swing!

Have you been anywhere recently beginning with the letter 'B'?

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  1. Funny you should ask about visiting a place beginning with B...If I'd have read this before the weekend I would have had to think hard, but reading it today I can say an easy yes! I just spent the long weekend in Bologna which was delightful. Bruniquel looks very pretty and I totally agree with you about the lack of love in French historical sites compared to NT places in UK. Thanks for linking up to #AllAboutFrance


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