Autumn Walks

At the weekend my boys were in the garden pulling out weeds, picking the last of the summer tomatoes and turning the soil. The chickens were running around freely, scratching for worms and eating any abandoned produce they could find. When I arrived to join them Reuben and Jacob were both rolling around in the freshly turned earth, throwing it high and declaring 'I love mud'! I remember the days when I used to take Reuben to the local children's centre for messy play and how he hated touching anything that would stick to his hands such as shaving foam, that cornstarch gloop, or sand. The only thing I could tempt him with was the water table. How times have changed!

Autumn so far has been kind to us this year and the warmth of the sun has meant frequent walks around the village. I'm proud that Reuben can identify many different wild flowers and fruits along the roadside. He can spot figs, plums and blackberries. He comes home clutching bunches of sweet pea, cowparsley and dandelions which he likes to put in a small vase and keep in his bedroom. We were out at the weekend picking rosehips and sloes. 'We're going to make sloe gin' he explained to his little brother, 'it's a drink for grown ups'!

Our new sideboard has become a bit of a nature table with a bird's nest that I found whilst grape harvesting, conkers and acorns. We're finding leaves from different trees, berries (for the birds) and of course the ever favourite sticks!

Do you have a nature table at home? What's on yours?

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